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Michael "Tips" Venturella

I am a brown belt in the 10th Planet system under Scott “Einstein” Epstein and have been teaching no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu for seven years.  I was the coach for the Fundamentals jiu jitsu, striking and kids programs at 10th Planet West LA for four years.  Before that, I was a coach for the Fundamentals jiu jitsu program at 10th Planet Van Nuys for three years.  I have cornered my jiu jitsu students at various competitions and trained and cornered amateur and professional MMA fighters.

I began my jiu jitsu journey with 10th Planet in 2008 as part of my goal to fight MMA.  Since I began training over 10 years ago, I have participated in amateur MMA fights, muay thai smokers and no-gi grappling competitions.  While I began training jiu jitsu to help achieve my goal of fighting MMA, I noticed other changes over the years in my demeanor and life that I attribute to my martial arts journey.  Prior to beginning training, I was eating junk food and playing video games 24/7 and weighed over 300lbs.  I had heart and vision problems, issues with depression, self-esteem and confidence, and rarely interacted with people outside of my family.  However, once I began training at  10th Planet, I gained more confidence in myself, acquired greater social skills and made friendships that are still strong to this day.  I even met my wife through 10th Planet jiu jitsu.  My journey has made me very humble and more appreciative of life.  

I believe no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu is an amazing skill to develop because it is something that everyone, no matter age, gender or background, can benefit from.  It keeps you in shape while learning deadly techniques.  I have also found it to be a great stress reliever as well, which is something everyone can use in today’s world.  My goal is to help as many people as possible accomplish their goals through martial arts because it has improved my life in so many ways.

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Charlotte Venturella

I am a purple belt in the 10th Planet system under Scott “Einstein” Epstein and trained at 10th Planet West LA since 2012 before moving to Colorado Springs with my husband.  I have competed in no-gi grappling competitions since I began training and have assisted my husband with his Fundamental jiu jitsu classes on occasion.  

I began my jiu jitsu journey while at college in 2005 for self-defense purposes, but within a year I had to stop attending classes because of conflicts with school.  After college, I moved to Los Angeles and immediately began training BJJ again because I missed the fitness, social and practical aspects that it offered.  Before I moved to Los Angeles, I had never heard of 10th Planet jiu jitsu and was very excited to discover it.  Its no-gi system appealed to me more from a self-defense perspective than the traditional gi program that I had previously participated in.  Joining 10th Planet is by far one of the best decisions I have made in my life because I have not only developed practical skills, but I have improved myself on a personal level.  Like my husband, I too had self-esteem issues prior to beginning training and often preferred solitude to socialization.  When I moved to Los Angeles after college, I knew no one.  I quickly realized that I needed an outlet outside of work to relieve stress and interact with open-minded individuals.  I have found that the 10th Planet family is a truly unique environment because it attracts a diverse group of individuals who can find common ground on the mats.  As 10th Planet now has over 100 locations world-wide, by joining 10th Planet Colorado Springs you’ll be part of a growing network of family, friends and knowledge that strives to improve lives daily.