The 10th Planet system was created by Eddie Bravo in 2003 and is known worldwide for its specialization in a system of no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu.  Instead of learning how to apply submissions and chokes using a gi (bulky kimono that will rarely, if ever, be encountered in a day-to-day setting), 10th Planet has developed a practical method of applying submissions and chokes for use in MMA training and self-defense scenarios. 

We are one of four moons in Colorado, with the other moons located in Louisville, Denver and Parker.  At 10th Planet Colorado Springs, we strive to help our students accomplish goals through martial arts, whether those goals be fitness, sport competition or self-defense objectives.  Students of the 10th Planet system here in Colorado Springs can expect to build confidence while learning methods that are constantly tested and refined for an engaging and fun experience. 

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